Julie Robinson

Trends + You: enjoying fashion while honoring your personal style


This interactive digital workshop takes place on March 4th at 11 am ET and will last for approximately 90 minutes. A recording of the session will be available to participants for 60 days from broadcast.

Have you ever wondered how a trend comes to be? Who decides what is trendy anyway??

This online workshop is for makers who love fashion and want to engage with trends in a way that honors their individual taste. It’s for makers who value novelty, self expression, and sustainability. None of these interests need to be exclusive of one another.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a new trend or trend report coming out every other day. Does any of it matter? How do you cut through all this noise?

In January, I released my 2023 trend report for knitters and crocheters. And a lot of you have been asking me how a document like this comes together, how to use it in building your personal wardrobe, or how to incorporate it into your creative practice.

After +10 years working as a designer in NYC and as a life-long maker, I have some thoughts to share. 😉

This workshop is for designers and design enthusiasts. In the class I’ll share insight from my time working as a commercial fashion designer, tips on how to utilize this tool in your own work, and how to incorporate trends into your personal style without losing touch with what makes you unique. New York Fashion week will have just wrapped, so there will be plenty of new, beautiful things to talk about!

Early Bird pricing is available through February 20th.